‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #32: The Secret to Bulking

January 31, 2017

On this episode Zach & Jay discuss their experiences w/ bulking.. Including training, diet & recovery


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #31: Life Lessons from the Gym

January 25, 2017

On this episode Zach & Jay discuss the life lessons that they have learned from the gym.. Both of their lives have been compltely shaped by the Iron


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #30: The Power of Self Discipline

January 20, 2017

On this episode Zach & Jay discuss the importnace of Self-Discipline and share how it effects their daily lives.. They also discuss ways to imrpove your self discipline. 


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #29: What Wakes Us Up Every Day?

January 17, 2017

On this episode Zach & Jay get deep, again.. Discussing what makes them tick. What makes them get out of bed every single day. This is a very thought provoking episode. 


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #28: Weathering the Storms in Life

January 13, 2017

On this episode Zach & Jay get deep.. They talk about past storms that they have weathered in life & discuss ways they found to get through the tough times. Because we all have tough times. 


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #27: Living Paycheck to Paycheck

January 10, 2017

On this episode Zach & Jay give their thoughts on Living Paycheck to Paycheck.


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #26: Crushing Self-Doubt

January 4, 2017

Topics included:


- How to overcome your Self-Doubt

- Setting yourself up for success w/ goal setting

- Life or Death mindset in the gym


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #25: Getting Real w/ Ourselves & Strategizing ways to Grow the Podcast

December 28, 2016

Topics included:


- Zach & Jay call themselves out a bit

- Plans to grow the podcast

- The importance of having all your loose ends tied together 

- Drink MORE water!


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast #24: Adversity, Goal Setting, Building a Big Chest

December 14, 2016

Topics included:


- Using adversity to your advantage

- The process of goal setting

- How to build a big chest 


‘Young N Hungry’ FireCast Ep. 23

December 7, 2016

Topics included:


- The up's & downs of business

- Capitlizing on your strengths

- Creating your own "luck"